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Our Unique Selling Points and Track Records - About Us


LADMAG Travel And Tours Ltd has a unique selling point and track record in the aviation industry which has made her standout among others. These include:

  • High regarded and supported by the Airlines
  • Significant input in the Aviation industry
  • Several Award winners
  • Data Storage, MIS Reporting etc
  • Cost Savings Software
  • Appropriate Travel Management Tools i.e. Rescue Lines (For Passengers and Lost Luggage) etc.
  • One of the best Welcome, Meet and Greet service provider in Nigeria (Airport Protocol)
  • Corporate Services which include:
    • Corporate Travel Implant
    • Corporate Travel Account
  • The first e-commerce Travel Services Provider in Nigeria
  • Dedicated Nigerian Staff
  • Availability of On Duty Card - Airport Protocol
  • Consistency of quality service
  • 24 hours service delivery guaranteed